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Send new cat data, corrections and additions as a free form email to . When you see a red question mark ? near a photo you know that we need your help. You don't have to be the cat's owner or the breeder of the cat to provide us the data.
Our mailbox at is open 24/7. The data received is processed and added to albums typically within a couple of days, but always within two weeks. The data we are looking for is
photo id The photo id of six numbers is needed to match the data with the photo. The photo id is visible when you point the mouse pointer over the photo. Photo id is typically visible on the viewing page and on the page address. One email sent can contain data to multiple photos. 101159
cat's name The complete official registered name of the cat in the photo including the breeder name. If you are unsure if the name is complete or official please send it to us anyway. IxiDixi's Crazy for You
cat's breed, color and pattern We prefer the Easy Mind System for both FIFe and non-FIFe cats but accept also other forms and free form text. DRX n 24
nickname(s) If you know cat's nickname or nicknames, we are happy to receive them. Papu
show titles and achievements You can report cat's show titles and achievements as they were at the time when the photo was taken or was achieved in that show. But the actual show result from the show is not collected. For all Finnish FIFe shows the show result is fetched automatically from EP, GIC, RW, DVM
data distribution
The latest data update has been 2022-02-14 05:25:25. The service currently has 5,448 photos (11.5 %) with no data. In addition to those there exists 5,066 photos (10.7 %) that have an identified breed but cat's name remains a mystery. Try your luck with these photos
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