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Advanced search

is a photo search engine for those looking for more than the search features on the front page. Utilizing the power of advanced search requires some learning but the reward is that you get exactly the photos you want. Type the search terms to the search field separated by spaces and execute the search by hitting enter or submit button. Search terms containing spaces must be surrounded by double quotations. The advanced search is case-insensitive regarding the search term content and always searches both English and Finnish content. The ordering of search terms doesn't affect the results. The search can have maximum of 25 search terms and the maximum length of the search is 1,234 characters.
If multiple search terms are given the default behavior is to return photos that matches to at least one of the terms (OR). To get the photos that match all the terms (AND) add plus right before each search term. To filter out the photos matching a term use minus right before the term.
By default the advanced search looks for an exact match. To relax this rule use question mark to match any character and asterisk to match a sequence of any characters of any length.
By default a search term is matched against all concepts. To force a search term to match against a single concept give the name of the concept right before the term and separated from the term with an equality sign.
All concepts known by the advanced search are as follows (in alphabetical order):
The instant find on the front page is aimed for all users and its purpose is to provide rapid access to photos. The advanced search is targeted to users having deeper understading of the data content and structure. The instant find and the advanced search have the following differences: