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2014-08-14 No more new photos to

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The last show marked my 10th anniversary as a catshow photographer. As I stated in November 2013 I've decided to end my career as a catshow photographer. The main reason for this decision is that I'm constantly seeking progress and I can't see it in my latest catshow photos. So it is now time to do something else.
This decision affects in a way that no new photos will be published. The service will remain open and all photos will remain online. New cat data will be added to the photos at least till the end of year 2014.
I've got some other ideas what else could be achieved in photographing cats and catshows. It is possible that you'll see these ideas to materialize but no promises are made. I also reserve the right to make a comeback and start to add new photos to if I feel so.
Thank you all!
2014-08-14 01:11:51